Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt may be engaged, but it will be some time before the actual wedding takes place. In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger talked about how their wedding plans are going.

In an interview with USA Today, when Schwarzenegger was asked about including her dog in the marriage ceremony, she shot down the idea at first, but as she thought about it a little, she became open to it. The dog is already a big part of Schwarzenegger and Pratt’s life. She said that she has seen “some really cute ways” in which pets can be a part of the wedding.

As far as the wedding plans are concerned, Schwarzenegger said that she and Pratt “haven’t really gotten that far.” Based on her words, it appears as though there is still a lot of planning left for the couple to do.

Schwarzenegger previously told Entertainment Tonight that the whole family is involved in the wedding planning, including Pratt. Apart from their respective careers, the two celebrities are also busy with raising lambs in a farm.

Schwarzenegger loves animals and is also the brand ambassador for Pedigree. She also promotes pet adoption, as seen in her recent Instagram post in which she praised John Owen Lowe for adopting a dog.

Dog adoption is also the topic Schwarzenegger’s mother Maria Shriver discusses in her podcast. Schwarzenegger told US Weekly recently that she admires her mother and also seeks her advice about everything.

One other person that Schwarzenegger admires is Pratt’s ex-wife Anna Faris. The author said that her fiancé’s ex has an “incredibly successful” podcast, and that she admires all the work that Faris has done.

A source close to the couple also told US Weekly that both Pratt and Schwarzenegger love children. However, they are not planning on expanding the family just yet.