The real reason behind Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s breakup remains a mystery up to this writing. Neither of the “First Daughter” actress and “Django Unchained” actor has even commented on their split. However, there have been reports saying that Katie and Jamie were not physically together even if they were together for years.

“Katie and Jamie’s relationship has been long-distance. He’s been living in L.A. full time and she’s been in New York,” an insider told In Touch in August. “It’s been this way on and off for years, and Katie’s always had a hard time with it,” it went on.

The same tipster said to the publication that Katie Holmes was fed up with Jamie Foxx’s way of living. The “Batman Begins” star, reportedly, wanted her then-boyfriend to be “more mature and ready to settle down” but to no avail. Because of this, Katie, allegedly, asked Jamie to move to New York City. However, the informant claimed the “Robin Hood” actor refused to leave his hometown, forcing the mom of one to call it quits.

Despite this, some fans are still positive that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx could still get back together. A source even told Entertainment Tonight that the former lovebirds needed to put their romance aside since they are both busy with their careers and families, which include raising their daughters. It was even noted that Katie and Jamie had a unique type of relationship since they live in different cities and do not see each other regularly.

Though there have been reports saying that Katie is already “starting to lose hope” she will ever find the guy of her dreams, the former wife of Tom Cruise revealed to Shape Magazine that she is feeling happy and strong lately. The “Disturbing Behavior” star even said that she is making herself a priority.

"I'm a big believer in self-care. It's better for everybody if you're taking care of yourself. Those moments are really worth it,” Katie Holmes told the publication. “I like to get massages. I also have a favorite daily ritual: I take 20 minutes in the morning to write down a list of the things I'm grateful for and listen to calming music. It's kind of a meditation, and I give myself that time to just enjoy. It sets a good tone for my day,” she continued.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Actors Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx attend the Clive Davis and Recording Academy Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Jay-Z on Jan. 27, 2018 in New York City. Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Mazur