Katie Holmes remains to be one of the most talked-about actresses today, especially after her split from Jamie Foxx in August. Neither the “Batman Begins” actress nor the “Django Unchained” actor has revealed the main reason behind their breakup up to this writing. Because of this, numerous speculations about their infamous separation are sprouting here and there.

Recently, RadarOnline.com claimed that Katie is already “starting to lose hope” she will ever find a man to love and hold. The entertainment news publication claimed that the mom of one is "reeling" since Jamie seems to have moved on from her easily.

“Ever since Katie can remember it’s been one disappointment after another. And now she’s sitting back watching all these guys she once loved either move on to their new lives, or act like total womanizing douchebags,” a source told the outlet. “She’s got so much going for her but for one reason or other it always seems to end in tears after she falls in love. It’s like she’s totally cursed,” it went on.

Jamie Foxx is said to be moving on from Katie Holmes with aspiring singer Sela Vave. Romance rumors started plaguing the “Collateral” actor and his protégé after they were spotted holding hands just days before Jamie and Katie, reportedly, called it quits. Dating speculations intensified after Jamie, reportedly, welcomed Sela into his Los Angeles pad.

Besides the young artist, Jamie Foxx was also rumored to be dating Kate Beckinsale after they were spotted “getting cozy” at the Golden Ambassador launch party. However, the “Pearl Harbor” actress was quick to deny the reports and said that there is nothing romantic happening between her and Katie Holmes’ ex-boyfriend.

“I would like to point out that standing next to someone does not mean I am dating them,” Kate wrote in one of her Instagram stories. “Currently in line at the dry cleaners and if that’s true I’ve got a hell of a problem,” she continued.

Katie Holmes, for her part, was rumored to be exclusively dating Justin Theroux. The “Disturbing Behavior” actress and Jennifer Aniston’s ex-partner were said to be spending quality time at Katie’s place in New York. NW even claimed that Katie is pregnant with her second baby amid the claims that she and Justin are an item already.

Despite these reports, Katie made it clear that she is really in a good place right now and even hinted that she enjoys singlehood. "I enjoy life, and I love adventure," Katie Holmes revealed to Shape Magazine in an interview. "That's the thing I like best about myself. I like to meet people and experience lots of things. I'm always up for new challenges," she went on.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has yet to comment on the recent claims of RadarOnline.com. However, with its history of writing reports based on the accounts of its phony sources, this could be another rumor waiting to be quashed.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes is reportedly enjoying her rumored relationship. The actress is pictured attending the BVLGARI world premiere screening of “The Conductor” and “The Litas” on April 26, 2018 in New York City. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images