Despite the final season of “Arrow” being packed with old characters returning, Nyssa al Ghul has yet to make an appearance. Actress Katrina Law couldn’t say if she’ll appear in the series finale, but she told International Business Times that she wouldn’t mind appearing in other Arrowverse shows like “Batwoman.”

“There's always a possibility of everything in the Arrow, DC universe,” the actress said when asked if she got a chance to film a scene for the Jan. 28 "Arrow" finale.

Though “Arrow” is ending, it’s legacy will likely live on. “Green Arrow and the Canaries” follows Katherine McNamara’s Mia, who was trained by Nyssa, as she works with Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy's masked heroes. Law would be happy to play the assassin alongside them, should The CW pick up the show after the backdoor pilot airs on Tuesday. “I don't know, but I would love to. I would absolutely love that,” Law said.

While Law isn’t sure she’ll appear in the future-set spinoff, she’d also like to keep making appearances in the present-day Arrowverse. She’d specifically like to visit Gotham.

“I would also love to see Nyssa on ‘Batwoman,’” Law told IBT. “I feel like she would really do well over there. Between the spinoff and ‘Batwoman,’ I'm gonna keep pitching that we might see Nyssa again.”

Like Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane/Batwoman, Law’s Nyssa is one of the prominent LGBTQ characters in the Arrowverse. It’s not a role she takes lightly.

“It’s a huge responsibility and it's also a huge honor,” she said. “And to be able to have representation out there is everything and knowing that you have these women, these young girls, who now have someone who they can say, ‘Look, she is accepted by society. She is not in the closet. She doesn't have to hide who she is. She has no apologies for who she is. She was just born this way,’ is just completely amazing and awesome. [She] is a great role model for women to have.

“And I loved the way ‘Arrow’ wrote Nyssa. They didn’t apologize for her. They didn’t give excuses. And everything about Nyssa was just going, ‘I am what I am and I am amazing.’ So I love that. So yeah, hopefully, one day it won't even be an issue, where people have to think about whether someone is gay or straight or whatever or whatever gender they are, they can just kind of go about and tell a story and that's that.”

The actress, who is currently starring on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O,” says she still believes Nyssa’s soulmate is Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance/White Canary.

“Ava’s kind of putting a wrench in the whole plan, but whatever. She's cute. I get it,” Law laughed. “Just because you are soulmates doesn't mean you end up together romantically or in a relationship. I feel like there are different definitions and different incarnations of it... so, yeah, I do feel like Sara and Nyssa are soulmates, and Nyssa will forever hold Sara dear to her heart and will always go above and beyond for her and place her above all others.”

Additional reporting by Rachael Ellenbogen.

Arrow Nyssa
Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul in "Arrow" Season 5. Dean Buscher/The CW