Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have started planning their wedding, sources close to the two celebrities have revealed. They apparently want to make the celebration a little different by making it both “modern” and “exciting.”

Perry and Bloom got engaged earlier this year. Sources close to the couple told ET Online that they have started planning their wedding, and they are apparently having a lot of fun working out all the details.

According to insiders, Perry and Bloom have set aside some “down time” to plan everything for the wedding, which is expected to take place in the fall. Sources have also confirmed that the two celebrities are on the same page when it comes to making their wedding “a little different.”

Both the celebrities want the wedding to be “modern and exciting.” One of the most noticeable changes that the fans will notice may have to do with the wedding dress.

According to insiders, Perry is considering not wearing a white wedding dress. Her family members apparently want her to be a little “low-key” when it comes to making the wedding different, but the singer may go ahead with her plans anyway.

“This is Katy and Orlando’s day and they are going to create a special moment that best represents their style, which means a beautiful celebration of their love with the people they most care about,” a source said.

A source close to the two celebrities told People previously that they are using a planner to finalize the details. The wedding is expected to be a “fun celebration” for friends and family.

Bloom proposed to Perry on Valentine’s Day. The singer previously told People that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was “so nervous” before proposing. The actor first took her to an Italian restaurant and later proposed to her on a helicopter.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pose upon their arrival at the Gala for the Global Ocean in Monaco on Sept. 26, 2018. Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images