I'd like to report some crazy people going over the falls, Noccalula Falls supervisor Janet Terrance told the 911 dispatcher after three kayakers plunged over the 90-foot falls ... on purpose.

The three North Carolina men were unharmed and caught the wild feat on camera, posting it on Vimeo Dec. 3. Since then, the remarkable footage has garnered over 67 thousand views.

Kayakers Pat Keller, Isaac Levinson, and Chris Gragtmans claim Noccalula, located in northeastern Alabama, is likely the biggest waterfall ever ran in the Southeast U.S.

The crew said several previous attempts were thwarted by low water levels and they finally had the opportunity to take the plunge on a rainy late November day.

Though the kayakers may seem reckless, they studied the drop zone very carefully before attempting the stunt.

A couple of waves on the way in made it complicated; the lip was one of the most terrifying things I've seen when it comes to waterfalls, Keller, who made the first descent, told Canoe & Kayak. It had a bump under the surface that changed the water's trajectory, shooting you farther out than you wanted.

Keller tossed his paddle for safety halfway down the nine-story fall and emerged still in his kayak, pumping his fists in excitement.

I was so excited that within 15 seconds of Pat running it I grabbed my boat, Levinson told C&K. He took the plunge with a GoPro video camera mounted on his helmet.

Gragtmans went last and actually kept his paddle in hand. It snapped across his chest on impact, knocking the wind out of him.

When the three intrepid kayakers surfaced from the water they were greeted by the local police who later let them go uncharged.

The remarkable footage will be part of a movie titled Watershed: Land of Giants to debut online Dec. 24.

Noccalula Falls Full Edit w/ POV from Isaac Levinson on Vimeo.