While driving her Hyundai Sonata, Kayla Mendoza, 20, killed two women when she crashed into their vehicle, just hours after tweeting this cryptic message on Twitter: “2 drunk 2 care [sic].”

On Saturday night, she drove the wrong way on Sawgrass Expressway in Florida, causing the tragic accident at around 1:45 a.m., said Florida Highway Patrol. The driver of the Camry she hit, Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante, 20, had severe head injuries and was placed on life support before being pronounced dead Thursday morning. Ferrante's uncle, Ron, told CBS Miami, “We’re not gonna let Marisa’s life be in vain. We’re gonna try and have some sense of accomplishment, some sense of duty.” A second person in the front passenger seat, 21-year-old Marisa Catronio, was killed on impact.

“I didn’t need a blood alcohol test,” Catronia’s father said about Mendoza’s blood alcohol level. “This person was drunk and on a suicide mission.”

Mendoza, who's name on Twitter is @highimkaila, is described as the “pothead princess” on her account. Charges have not yet been filed against her but authorities are investigating.

This is not the first instance that has led to a death after someone tweeted a cryptic message. Aspiring rapper Ervin McKinness tweeted, “YOLO” last September, moments before dying in a fatal car accident. The car he was in slammed into a wall, and all five men in the car died. Four out of five of the men died at the scene. “YOLO” became a popular phrase among young adults, after rapper Drake released a song last year titled “The Motto.” In it, he raps, “You only live once, that's the motto [expletive] yolo.”