Kris Jenner
Television personality Kris Jenner gets slammed for refusing to use the controversial N-word on Instagram. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

In the middle of the whole controversy surrounding former athlete Bruce Jenner and his transition into a woman, one person besides Bruce is perhaps more affected than anyone else. Kris Jenner was married to Bruce for 23 years and now needs to deal with the revelation that the man who helped her raise six kids is actually transgender. In the two-part special “Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce,” Kris opens up and also has an honest conversation with Bruce about her feelings and her issues.

Marriage And Children

Kris starts out by telling the camera that she thinks Bruce must be so relieved to finally be able to reveal his secret. She talks about how much she appreciates Bruce and commends him for raising the Kardashian kids like they were his own alongside Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kris then recalls all of the great memories and moments that she shared with Bruce during the past 25 years. She says that it was love at first sight between them and they were married within five months of their first date. She says that it was a match made in heaven and they could not keep their hands off each other.

Disbelief And Confusion

“It’s just hard for me to really believe it’s happening,” says Kris. Perhaps it is because Bruce was such a good father and husband that Kris finds herself in a state of complete shock. Kris says that her biggest concern is that her kids are OK. She admits to her daughter Kim that she’s not OK and she doesn’t know how to handle Bruce and his transition. While talking to Kim, she lets out her questions and talks about her feelings. She says that Bruce checked out of the life that she thought they had together. She also wonders why he feels the need to make the transition now. She explains that she knew he had tendencies like that and he would cross-dress but didn’t know he would actually transition. “I never expected that he would end up like this. Not in a million years,” Kris tells Kim. She says that she has memories of a life that she now feels does not exist. Clearly, Kris took it hard and despite expressing her love and support for Bruce, it was not always an easy ride.

Bruce Settles Things With Kris

After speaking to his kids, Bruce learns that Kris has been very upset about his transition. He decides to come see her and speak to her about it. He starts off by telling her that she’s an amazing woman and that they had so many great moments together. Bruce tells her that everything that happened in the past between them are still a part of him and he’s not letting them go. Kris then tells Bruce that she’s very confused. They then go on and talk about the decline of their marriage.

“You shut me out. You were angry and that made me angry,” says Kris. Bruce points out that she treated him badly for the last five years of their marriage and Kris tells him that it’s all because he turned into an angry person. She says that because he was dealing with such a big secret, he became an angry person and that led her to react badly.

She says that Bruce spoke about his cross-dressing but never said that a full transition was going to be the end result. She tells Bruce that he was never honest about the whole truth and what he says is different from what he’s actually got planned. Now that she knows the severity of what he’s going through, Kris says that it all makes sense to her. She says that after finding out about his plans to transition, she now knows why he was an angry person and the reason why they needed to separate and eventually divorce.

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