Kim kardashian North West
Kim Kardashian West was accused of faking her pregnancy when she was photographed with her daughter, North West, Monday. She is pictured above with husband Kanye West and daughter North, visiting Jerusalem in April for the child's baptism. Reuters

This week on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the West family and Khloe Kardashian are still in Armenia for the tail end of their trip. Back in Los Angeles, the rest of the family is in turmoil over Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

North's Baptism

Before leaving Armenia, Kanye West decides to give back to the people of his wife’s ancestral land. They were received warmly during their visit, so Kanye puts up an impromptu concert.

Kim and Kanye clearly have a blast with the thousands of people that showed up. Unfortunately, Khloe isn’t too happy that she wasn’t invited to the event. Kim says that she texted her sister but Khloe didn’t reply.

In the end, Khloe just decides to let the whole incident pass because she wants to avoid ruining the rest of the trip. They still have a few days left on their vacation because Kim and Kanye have decided to bring their daughter North West to Jerusalem to be baptized.

They head out for the baptism held at the St. James Church which is situated at the ancient Armenian quarter of Jerusalem. Kim is ecstatic to have her dream come true and to be able to honor her Armenian father.

Kris Jenner struggles with Caitlyn Jenner's transition

The trip concludes with everything back in order but they girls face more turmoil back in Los Angeles. their mom, Kris Jenner, is feeling emotional and depressed about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

She wants to get piano lessons to distract her from the issues with Caitlyn and she gets upset when Kim didn’t show up for a scheduled class. Kim tries to make it up to her and decides to bring her to a Kanye West concert. However, Kris remains antisocial and clearly depressed.

Because of the whole drama that she’s dealing with, Kris nearly messes up a shoot that she set up for her daughters with Cosmopolitan magazine’s anniversary issue. She fails to sort out a restriction in one of Kendall’s existing modelling contracts. If Kendall in unable to appear, the whole theme behind Cosmo shoot may become a bust.

After negotiating with Cosmo and Kendall’s other clients, Kris is finally able to find a compromise. The cover shoot goes on, but the girls take note of the way their mom and her work is being negatively affected by her emotional state.

Kylie feels betrayed by Kendall

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner is also having a lot of trouble dealing with Caitlyn’s transition. For her, it’s not about Caitlyn herself, but the media circus that surrounds the transition. On the night that the documentary “About Bruce” is scheduled to air, she and her sister Kendall and attending the Billboard Music Awards.

She finds comfort in the thought that Kendall will be right beside her when anyone starts asking tough questions. Unfortunately, work obligations require Kendall to walk the red carpet with the H&M and Balmain group.

Kylie is left alone and she suffers a mild panic attack. She decides to go through with any interview in order to avoid any stressful situations. After the event, Kylie confronts Kendall about what happened.

Kendall offers an apology and says that she will be more sensitive about her little sister’s needs. She says that even if Kylie is all-grown up and independent, she still needs some support and protection from her older sisters.

In the end, with everyone still having trouble coping with Caitlyn’s transition, Kim takes some of Bruce’s clothes as mementos. She brings back some of the most memorable pieces, which she wants each of the family members to keep. She thinks this will help remind everyone of their good times with Bruce.

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