Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West share a passionate kiss on the red carpet at the 57th annual Grammy Awards. During the premiere of "Keeping up with the Kardashians," Kim revealed that she and West are "having sex 500 times a day" in an effort to get pregnant with baby No. 2. Reuters

The Kardashian family returned to E! last night for a 10th season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” During the episode, Kim Kardashian was anything but shy about her desire to get pregnant. Viewers quickly learned that she and husband Kanye West have been hard at work trying to conceive baby No. 2, though medical complications have made it no easy feat. Her constant efforts to conceive – and “having sex 500 times a day” – began to take a toll on her both mentally and physically.

Kim spoke openly with her entire family, including little sister Kendall Jenner, about her and Kanye’s active sex life. Kim revealed that her and ‘Ye had been getting busy every chance they get and the over sharing didn’t stop there. When asked why she had decided to lie down in her room rather than spend time with the rest of the family, Kim shared that she and Kanye had just finished having sex and, as per her doctor’s instructions, she had to spend a little time lying down to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

“The doctor said when I have sex I have to lay down for, like, 10 to 20 minutes, so, I just had sex before you guys got here,” she revealed. “I’m going to wait like five more minutes just for this to marinate inside of me.”

Viewers later got a sneak peek inside one of the many nude photo shoots Kim’s done since having North. The 34-year-old claimed she wanted to pose nude while she can because she fears her body may “start changing again” after having more children. As you may recall, during her pregnancy with her first baby Kim reportedly put on close to 50 lbs. She was able to shed the weight after giving birth by hitting the gym and eating a strict low-carb diet according to Daily Mail.

Kim didn’t let being at work keep her from trying to get pregnant. After discovering that she was ovulating, the reality TV star called up her hubby and had him jet over for a little on-set hanky panky.

“You’ve got to get in it when you can get it in,” she told sister Khloe Kardashian after revealing that she’d just had sex in a bathroom.

On top of purchasing every type of ovulation kit on the market, Kim made regular visits to a fertility doctor to ensure her ovaries were doing their job. During one of her visits, Kim allowed the “KUWTK” cameras to tag along as she explained to her doctor that she was “on a mission to get pregnant.” As she’s previously stated, growing up with numerous siblings has had a huge impact on her and she hopes to give her daughter the same experience. During a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2014, Kim said that her ideal family would consist of two or more children. Though she loved having so many siblings, Kim wasn’t quite sure she could handle six kids. She revisited the idea of having multiple children again on last night’s episode, saying:

“I remember growing up being so close with my sisters, so I want siblings for North.”

By the end of the episode Kim was completely worn down from tracking her ovulation, visiting her fertility doctor and having sex multiple times a day. After she revealed to her family that she had, yet again, failed to get pregnant, Kim decided maybe it was time to simply go with the flow.

“It’s like, so frustrating. I’m exhausted and…I think I’m forcing it,” she shared.

Kim’s decision to tone it down with the ovulation schedules and constant sex apparently led her and her man to consider other options. Previews for upcoming episodes of the show suggest that she and Kanye may be considering a surrogate to carry their next child. It also shows Kim being rushed into surgery, which is believed to have been related to her pregnancy struggle.

For all that and more be sure to catch next week’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” at 9 p.m. EDT on E!