Kelly Clarkson turned heads when she attended the CMT Music Awards earlier this week because she appeared to have lost some weight. Now the singer has shared her secret on her latest body transformation, which she says she achieved without breaking a sweat.

On Friday, the first “American Idol” winner served as a co-host on the “Today” show alongside Hoda Kotb. During the episode, Clarkson grabbed the chance to spill her weight loss secret that made her shed off 37 pounds recently.

When Kotb praised Clarkson for looking good and asked the latter if she got some work done, the mother of two set the record straight that she’s afraid to go under the knife. She then  confessed that she has been doing something different with her diet these days. “I don’t work out. I mean, I should, [for my] heart and stuff. I do wine instead,” she told Kotb.

Clarkson continued by revealing that she read a book, entitled “The Plant Paradox,” and it’s the main reason why she lost as much as 37 pounds of weight.

The book, written by Steven R. Gundry, MD, tackles how gluten and plant-based proteins, called lectins, that are found in grains, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables lead to inflammatory reactions that then contribute to weight gain and other health problems. Thus, readers are advised to alter their diet to prevent such effects to their body, according to E! News.

Clarkson admitted that the diet may not have the same effect on everyone. “It might not work for you, but it worked [for me]. It’s like 37 pounds. That’s a side effect,” she said. “Here’s the best part y’all, it’s not even the weight. I mean, I know the industry loves the weight gone. But, I mean, for me it wasn’t really the weight.”

Clarkson dished that followed what the book said and her health improved a lot. She said she’s suffered from an auto-immune disease and a thryoid problem since 2016, but now she’s no longer taking medicine for the conditions all thanks to the teachings of the book.

“I’m not on my medicine anymore. My blood work came back and I haven’t been on my medicine since, like, February,” Clarkson disclosed, before noting that the book’s regimen is mostly about “understanding food and understanding what we do to food.”

When Kotb asked what she eats, Clarkson said, “It’s the same stuff you eat. I just use different ingredients. I still have, like, cake. Like, literally, I still have everything the same that I did, even, like, fried chicken, but I use, like, casoid flour, tapioca, or almond butter. And I use, like, non-hormone chicken.”

Prior Clarkson’s revelation on the talk show, she played coy when asked about her weight loss secret. She previously credited her transformation to her glam squad. “I have to shout out my whole glam squad. I literally hired Harry Potter and Spanx; it’s all like a sausage,” she joked last month during “The Voice” finale, as per Page Six.