Kelly Rowland
Singer Kelly Rowland arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas Reuters

Former Destiny's Child member and "Motivation" singer, Kelly Rowland dropped her latest album July 26. Although typically referenced as a soulful artist, "Here I Am" is said to be a mix of R&B and dance tracks.

"The personalities aren't really different," she said in an interview with MTV News. "I think what I've grown to know about my voice is, just having a voice, period, as a woman, you mean business, period - whether that's making people dance or that's making people feel in an emotional way or whatever it might be when it comes to R&B... I think that R&B, of course, is where I'm deeply rooted, period," she continued.

"I'll never go anywhere. I just happened to try something out [dance], and it worked, and that's just the part of it. And I think that's what I admire about artists like Chris Brown and Rihanna, who don't mind putting it all on their album. Who cares? It's music, and they're making it: great music. And I'm proud of that, that we do have a generation that is just making great music, period," she said.

Fast tunes or slow, this album is sure to be great. Rowland worked with music titans such as RedOne, David Guetta, and Tricky Stewart. She also paired up with other artists including Lil Wayne and Big Sean. "Above anything, I got to work with creative people. We were in the same pocket sonically,"Rowland said.

Her album "Here I Am" is available now. Here are some past photos of Kelly Rowland's greatest looks before and after Destiny's Child.