Last week, Patrick Frazee appeared in court to begin ironing out the details of his upcoming murder trial. On Dec. 21, 2018, the Colorado resident was arrested at his home in the community of Florissant for the murder of his fiance Kelsey Berreth. He was ultimately charged with first-degree murder and solicitation to commit murder. As his trial is nearing, Frazee and his defense team have made requests to both suppress evidence and introduce an alternate suspect in the case.

According to CBS Denver, the judge presiding over the trial ordered that if the defense wants to introduce another suspect they would have to do so by Sept. 16. While it has not been formally stated who Frazee may want to bring into the case, speculation has begun that it may be his former girlfriend, Krystal Lee Kenney, as she has made previous admissions that she played a role in the aftermath of the crime.

Kenney recounted that Frazee had previously revealed to her that he had killed Berreth, 29, by beating her to death with a baseball bat at her Woodland Park home. Prosecutors stated that after the crime took place Frazee then called his former girlfriend to assist him in cleaning up the scene. Additionally, she admitted to watching him burn her remains on his property. She has since pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence but has continued to deny any involvement in the actual murder.

Aside from determining a timeframe for bringing in an unnamed accomplice, the presiding judge also weighed whether or not statements Frazee made to a social worker before Berreth's murder would be barred from the upcoming trial.

The suspect had previously said that Berreth had been abusive to their one-year-old daughter. However, he has now asked to have those statements excluded from the case as they could potentially support a theory that he killed Berreth in reaction to the allegations, reports The Denver Post.

Judge Scott Sells said that he will make his final decision regarding whether or not they would be suppressed by Aug. 30. The suspect's attorneys have specifically asked Judge Sells to exclude them due to them being collected during custodial interrogation and therefore being given involuntarily.

Frazee faces two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit murder. His trial is set to begin later this year.

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