Kendra Wilkinson has a lot on her plate during this season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.” The former playmate and "Girl Next Door" reality star initially went on the show with her husband, Hank Baskett, to work through their infidelity issues. What they discovered was a slew of other issues plaguing their relationship as well.

In a preview for the WE TV show's third season, Wilkinson’s mother Patti Wilkinson joins the cast at the house for a segement. In a sneak-peek clip, Patti stands before show hosts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, as well as Kendra and Hank, to express concerns about their marriage. While the exercise was intended to be constructive, giving the couples a third party opinion on their issues, it causes Kendra to lose her cool. She screams at her mother, accusing her of selling stories to the tabloids during lows in their relationship. At one point, the 29 year old tells her mother “the devil has eaten” her soul and that she is hungry for fame.

“Right after I thought my husband cheated on me, you sell my tears to the damn tabloids. You love the fame. You love this attention,” Kendra says.

Patti was eventually escorted off the set, but not before Kendra fired one last shot. The former playmate threatened to expose the hurtful things her mother had apparently said to her about her 1-year-old daughter Alijah Baskett. She did not, however, reveal what was said.

“Rise up! Rise up! She’s selling her daughter out,” Kenda shouts in the clip.

Kendra and Hank announced they would be joining the cast of “Marriage Boot Camp” in October 2014. Prior to signing on the couple nearly split due to Hank’s cheating. The 32-year-old former NFL player was allegedly caught having an intimate relationship with Ava Sabrina London, a transgendered woman. After initially denying the allegations, Hank later admitted to being unfaithful.

He and Kendra have apparently decided to make their marriage work. On March 13, the reality star was spotted sporting a brand new wedding ring with her man by her side. She flushed the initial ring she was given down the toilet shortly after news of the scandal broke. The couple has been married since June 2009 and have two children together.

"Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" premieres Friday, May 29, at 9 p.m. EDT on WE TV. Check out the explosive sneak preview below.