Kendra Wilkinson is still not over Holly Madison's recount of her life at the Playboy mansion in "Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny." The tell-all book included several shocking stories about what her life was like living in ex-boyfriend and Playboy creator Hugh Hefner's "twisted world." After excerpts from the book were released, Wilkinson bashed Madison for seeking "revenge."

According to Us Weekly, Wilkinson, also a former girlfriend of Hefner, has even more to say about her fellow Playboy alumnae and former "Girls Next Door" co-star. During a recent interview with the publication the 30-year-old said she remains hopeful that people will be able to separate fact from fiction when reading Madison's book. She claimed "the proof is out there on 'The Girls Next Door,'" insinuating that life with Hefner was not nearly as difficult as Madison made it out to be. She added that Madison should be more appreciative of the fact that she was selected to be a part of Playboy. 

"It's a shame that someone can't be appreciative of what something like that has given them," she said. 

Wilkinson has been vocal in her support of Hefner on many occasions since Madison's book was released. On June 23, Wilkinson told People magazine she thought Madison simply wanted "revenge" on Hefner. She said it made no sense that the 35-year-old could go from wanting "kids and [to] get married to him" and then claim he drugged and abused her. Wilkinson said it seemed likely that Madison was unhappy with life in the Playboy mansion because she felt she was unable to show her true colors. She also claimed Madison "acted like a First Lady," constantly putting on an act.

Hefner, 89, also spoke out about the claims made against him in the tell-all book. In a statement, which he released to Us Weekly, he said he'd had "more that my fair share of romantic relationships" during his lengthy life. He added that many of those women have "moved on to live happy, healthy and productive lives." He said that some, however, have decided to use their platform later in life to stay relevant. He did not directly address Madison or her book in his statement.

As previously reported, in excerpts from her book, Madison claimed she was so miserable living in the mansion and dating Hefner that she considered killing herself. She claimed the Playboy founder "was the manipulator," pitting her and her fellow playmates against one another. She wrote that by 2002 she felt so helpless that she thought drowning herself was the only way out.