Netizens reacted after Kensington Palace denied the claim that Kate Middleton got baby Botox.

On Wednesday, Dr. Munic Somji of Dr. Medi Spa Clinic in London shared photos of Middleton on Instagram while announcing that the duchess got baby Botox. He even pointed out how the lines on Middleton’s forehead reduced in number after the procedure.

However, Kensington Palace immediately took action and denied the surgeon’s claim. According to the palace spokesperson, the post was “categorically not true.” The representative added that the royal family never endorses commercial activity.

Netizens weren’t happy that Kensington Palace was that quick to defend Middleton but failed to take action when Meghan Markle was attacked by trolls. Many find it unfair for the Duchess of Sussex.

“It’s ridiculous if this is type of story they choose to deny. They just give credibility that Meghan has been treated unfairly by the BRF that they failed to act on her behalf,” an online user commented about the report.

“So, after the rumors about Kate's hair extensions, KP intervenes for a botox rumor but never intervened to defend Meghan against much more dangerous rumors.  KP has an agenda against Meghan, the evidence is flagrant,” another netizen wrote.  

A different online user questioned the royal’s motto “never complain, never explain” after the palace denied and explained the Botox issue involving Middleton. The user then concluded that the palace can deny claims to everyone except for Markle and she found this “very interesting.”

Another user described the palace’s move the “stupidest” thing they did because they only “gave the story legs” with their denial. They also provided an excuse to publish a whole bunch of Middleton’s unflattering photos.  

Meanwhile, some royal fans said that they thought the palace would just ignore it and won’t reply or deny. Another said that the palace’s denial made her even more annoyed.

The clinic claiming that Middleton got Botox is only 10 minutes away from Kensington Palace. They were asked if Middleton was a client but marketing manager Sammy Curry only gave a coy response.

According to him, he could not answer the question because they have non-disclosure agreement with their high-end clients. He added that Dr. Somji used Middleton’s photo because it was a “good comparison” to show the effects of Botox.