KSP asteroid redirect mission
A still from the trailer for the "Kerbal Space Program" update, titled "Asteroid Redirect Mission" Kerbal Space Program

Squad, the developer behind the hit space simulation game “Kerbal Space Program” released a new mission update on Tuesday, that was developed in partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA.

The “Asteroid Redirect Mission,” or “ARM” as the mission is called, is a new free addition to “Kerbal Space Program,” the space program simulation game, where users develop their own space programs from scratch, without the real danger that comes with experimenting with rocket fuel and aeronautic designs.

While players of “Kerbal Space Program” have been able to build various rockets, satellites, probes and aircraft with tools and parts provided in previous versions of “KSP,” the “Asteroid Redirect Mission” pack adds several new features including a giant robotic arm which can be used to grab asteroids, ships and even kerbonauts, the “KSP” equivalent of an astronaut.

Some additional features of the “Asteroid Redirect Mission” update are also detailed in at the “Kerbal Space Program” developer team blog:

“ - Capture asteroids of all shapes and sizes near Kerbin
- Use new joint system for sturdier, more realistic rockets
- Timewarp anywhere (Space Center and Tracking Station included)
- Revamped maneuver nodes and flight planning
- Customize your flags with adjustable lights and flags
- Quicksave anywhere (Even a fraction of a second before an impact)
- New gigantic rocket parts influenced by real life SLS parts
- Use the Advanced Grabbing Unit to snag asteroids, ships, even Kerbals
- Choose from two new Asteroid Redirect Mission scenarios”

"The Asteroid Redirect Mission is going to challenge our players like never before, as it creates new situations that have never been encountered before in the game, regardless if you're a new or veteran player,” creator and lead developer Felipe Falanghe said. “Expect lots of new challenges to properly complete the mission, and lots of new features as well to help the Kerbals and you along the way."

The “Asteroid Redirect Mission” update for “KSP” mirrors a real-life mission by NASA, which aims to identify asteroids, redirect them into orbit and research them to gain scientific data.

Bob Jacobs, NASA’s deputy associate administrator for the Office of Communications at its Headquarters in Washington expressed support for the “KSP” partnership with NASA, “When you’re planning a new mission, there is no shortage of people who have ideas on how to see it executed. Kerbal Space Program is an immersive experience where would-be rocket scientists and engineers can put those ideas to the test in innovative and creative ways.”

“Kerbal Space Program” can be purchased and downloaded from the official “KSP” website or via Steam’s early access program.