‘Kevin Can Wait’
Vanessa (Leah Remini) and Kevin (Kevin James) will develop a close relationship with each other now that Donna (Erinn Hayes) is no longer around in “Kevin Can Wait” Season 2. CBS

Leah Remini had the perfect response to one fan who said that she doesn’t miss Erinn Hayes in “Kevin Can Wait” Season 2.

The hit CBS sitcom premiered on Monday night without Hayes’ character, Donna Gable. The matriarch was killed off a year ago, but her death wasn’t directly addressed in the series. Instead, her husband, Kevin (Kevin James), simply referenced to her after he received a postcard from Donna’s gym.

During his conversation with Kendra (Taylor Spreitler), Kevin tells his daughter that the gym staff is asking when they would see Donna again. Kendra tells her dad that it’s been a year since her mom died, and it’s about time for other people to know that she’s not coming back.

After the episode aired, one fan tweeted Remini and said that she doesn’t feel bad Hayes got fired from the show after only one season. The fan added that Remini will be the reason behind the show’s success.

Even though the actress was upped to series regular status after Hayes’ exit, Remini still acknowledged the fact that her co-star is “lovely and funny.” She also said that she hopes to work with Hayes again in the future and is happy that she landed a show on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Remini also fired back at another viewer who expressed her desire to have “Kevin Can Wait” canceled after two seasons. The former Scientologist wasn’t pleased with the critic’s tweet, especially because it meant 299 people could lose their job if the series gets canceled.

But in the end, Remini still thanked everyone who watched “Kevin Can Wait” Season 2 on Monday night and said that it felt good to be welcomed back to the show.

Remini’s character, Vanessa, worked with Kevin during the finale of “Kevin Can Wait” Season 1. At the time, Vanessa asked for Kevin’s help even though he’s been out of the workforce for quite some time. In Season 2, the two will be working closely together, and there are rumors they could eventually fall in love. However, executive producer Rob Long told TV Line that this isn’t their priority.

“Kevin Can Wait” Season 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.