Following his release after serving a 180-day sentence at the Polk County Jail in Florida, rapper Kevin Gates is back in jail. Gates was freed from the Florida jail and landed himself in a Chicago jail after police found an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Chicago.

Contrary to previous reports, the “2 Phones” rapper was not extradited to the Cook County jail in Chicago. Instead, Gates turned himself in. According to TMZ, he is being held on no bond until his next court hearing in April.

The rapper’s six-month sentence was the result of being found guilty of misdemeanor battery. The verdict came a year after he was filmed kicking a female fan in her chest during a 2015 concert. Gates fought for his innocence, claiming self-defense after the victim, Miranda Dixon, kept grabbing at him while he was on stage.

Gates said he used the “necessary force” to protect himself but the jury didn’t believe it. The rapper also hired high-profile lawyer, Jose Baez, known for his work as Casey Anthony’s attorney. Baez questioned Dixon’s credibility, claiming she was using the case to gain more damages for a civil trial in the future.

After Gates’ temporary release from the Florida jail, the rapper’s wife, Dreka Gates, took to Instagram to show support for her husband. “To everyone that’s rooting for Kevin right now, thank you, but please shift your thoughts, prayers, energy, etc. towards the idea of Kevin being home and enjoying his life as a free man.”