“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” star Jason Ritter has done a lot of stunts on the ABC series, and even though he sometimes gets hurt while performing all those physical stuff, the 38-year-old actor has no problem doing them.

“I’ve got a couple of bruises! I’ve got a few scrapes on my arm I’m looking at right now,” Ritter told Entertainment Weekly during a phone interview when asked if he gets bruised at the end of every shoot. “But I’ve always loved to do that. I love throwing myself around.”

In fact, Ritter wanted to be a stuntman when he was growing up. “My friend and I would throw ourselves down this hill and try not to use our arms and all have these weird, strange rules because we didn’t know about all the math and safety involved in stunt work,” the Emmy-nominated actor shared. “At that point, we just thought you just built up a high threshold of pain and courage. Courage and swallowing your pain, that was all it was. So I’ve never been scared to take a fall or get hit or all sort of things, or, you know, get covered in bugs.”

In a separate interview with TV Insider, Ritter implied that getting hurt while trying to do stunts was a big deal for him when he was younger. “[But] I definitely take it in stride now,” Ritter said. “The next day, I’ll go to makeup and they’ll ask, ‘Where did this giant scrape on your back come from?’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, probably one of three things.’ So yeah, I do get a little banged up but never too bad. And I’m always having so much fun that the adrenaline overtakes any pain.”

As for the amazing fish acrobatics montage in Season 1, episode 13, Ritter revealed that it’s not completely done with real fish. “That huge one that crushes that little girl was fake and some of it was CGI, especially the one when we’re sort of juggling,” the “Gravity Falls” voice actor said. “For the most part, the fishes we were throwing around were either rubber or something else, but all of the talking fish stuff that was real. It was fun.”

“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.