• A reputable industry retailer recently listed the key features of the PS5
  • The details reaffirms what most fans already know about the PS5
  • Sony has not yet announced when it is planning to officially unveil the PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been hyping the PS5 since last year. While the Japanese gaming giant already revealed the release window of its next generation gaming console, it admitted earlier that it could not fully reveal the PlayStation 5 yet. Recently, a new listing confirmed the key features of the PS5, and it also leave the fans of Sony’s next generation gaming console wanting for more.

Gamestop PS5 Landing Page

The American video games retailer Gamestop, recently, unveiled the registration page of the PS5. Technically, it is not the pre-order page that most fans are expecting. Instead, it is some kind of a registration page that would send notification to fans in the event that Gamestop would make it available for pre-order.

It is apparent that, unless Sony has officially launched the PS5, the next generation gaming console would not be available for pre-order.

PlayStation Now Andrew House
PlayStation 5 might have a Pro version based on the new statement of Sony's Executive Vice President, who hinted this possibility. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

PS5 Key Features And Specs

On the Gamestop registration page, it mentions the key specs and features that most fans already know. The page also describes the upcoming next generation gaming console from Sony as having ‘no shortage of horsepower.’ It mentions the full 8K TV support of the PS5 as well as the AMD 8-core chipset.

Gamestop also claims that the PS5 has a 3D audio, a ‘built for purpose solid state drive,’ and ray tracing capabilities. Moreover, the page confirms that the PS5 has backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles. These details are a mere affirmation of what was already revealed earlier by Mark Cerny and Jim Ryan.

Microsoft’s Aggressive Xbox Series X

While Sony is yet to unveil its PS5, Microsoft already did this last year. The Xbox Series X also promises a lot of power with its confirmed 12 teraflops count. Aside from this, several details could make Sony truly worried.

One of this is Microsoft’s concept of allowing users to upgrade previous generation titles to the next generation Xbox Series X for free. This is something the Japanese gaming giant should face and counter if it wants to maintain a massive user base for its PS5. Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan earlier mentioned that there are lots of crucial PS5 features that are not yet revealed.

We are hoping that Sony would make the announcement soon, perhaps along with the official launch of the PlayStation 5. Sony PS5 is slated to arrive in later this year.