The anti-Trump revolutionary group "Resist 45" has commandeered yet another billboard in the Louisville, Kentucky area as its latest sign takes aim at the NRA for lobbying U.S. lawmakers against any type of gun control measures. 

The "Resist 45" group has been drawing over billboards along Indiana and Kentucky's stretches of  Interstate-65 (I-65) sporadically since the election of President Donald Trump in November 2016. "Hunger Games" references to Louisville-native Jennifer Lawrence's revolutionary character along with more straightforward threats such as "Kill The NRA" continue to pop up along main intersections and highways in the region. 

The Resist 45 revolutionary group describes itself on Facebook as a place for "news about President Donald Trump by the Resistance"that is "honest, accurate coverage with a not-so-small tinge of rage," as the Lousivlle Courier-Journal first reported in 2017. The group's latest "Kill the NRA" message comes in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school that left 17 dead last week.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 11 The National Rifle Association (NRA) is once again the target of gun control activists angered that both congressional and local Louisville, Kentucky, lawmakers are unable to pass any type of legislation to curb America's rampant school shootings. Photo: WAVE-TV

The billboard along I-65 near the Fern Valley Road exit shows a black background with white letters scrawled over the top. The company which owns the billboard, Outfront Media, told WAVE-TV that it was not a legal advertising purchase and that the "Kill the NRA" sign was instead the artistic product of vandals. "Resist 45" was also tagged on the billboard. 

The NRA responded to the Kentucky billboard on Facebook Friday via its verified account. The group said such threats to Second Amendment firearms activists should serve as a "wake-up call." 

"Here’s an image from Kentucky, this morning. To all American gun owners, this is a wakeup call. They’re coming after us. Like and share to spread the word," reads the Friday Facebook post, captioning a photo of the Louisvbille billboard. 

The University of Louisville, Cardinal Stadium and Churchill Downs have all been the site of several high-profile billboards getting hijacked by the anti-Trump groups. The latest billboard targeting the NRA was not responded to kindly by pro-gun activists on the NRA's Facebook page. 

"If we were to repeal the Second Amendment as it currently stands, only the rich and powerful would have access to firearms. That’s what our Founding Fathers feared, reads one commenter. "They feared a government that would become too tyrannical and powerful that the rights of the people would be trampled on. Their way of ensuring Americans’ freedom was by making sure every citizen had the right to fight back against a government that was out of control. The Dems want your guns."