“Killer Instinct” has proven to be one of the more popular Xbox One titles to hit Microsoft’s game console, and soon it will be coming to the Windows 10 PC, said an announcement on the official “Killer Instinct” Twitter page. The free-to-play fighting game will be moving away from the Xbox One for the first time since its release on Xbox One in 2013, the same announcement said.

Making things better is the ability to cross-play against Xbox One players, as Xbox department head Phil Spector announced through Eurogamer. This way, PC gamers will be able to play against experts and Xbox One veterans will face some new challengers.

Initially, “Killer Instinct” players would start out with only one fighter that would change weekly. Through in-app purchases or facing a lot of opponents, players would be able to unlock more content for the game. Eventually, a retail version was released for Xbox One, which featured all of the in-app purchase characters that would then be instantly available through “Season Packs.”

The “Season One” pack featured most of the characters from the original “Killer Instinct” game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), plus a few original characters. The “Season Two” pack featured a variety of characters from the original game, plus two new characters.

Only a few details have been revealed for the PC version of the game, so it’s unclear if this version of “Killer Instinct” will feature any new features or if it will have all the downloadable content (DLC) characters right away. But the ability to cross-play against other players definitely raises interest for the free-to-play fighter, so it will be interesting to see if the PC version gets all of the content for the game right away -- or if previous players can transfer their Xbox One data to the Microsoft 10 version.

Killer Instinct - Season 2 Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)