Killer Mike
Rapper Killer Mike shares his thoughts on Donald Trump's election. Pictured: Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on Feb. 26, 2016. Reuters/Brian Snyder

Throughout the Democratic primaries, rapper Killer Mike was extremely vocal in his support for Bernie Sanders, often appearing at rallies and making television appearances. Following Sanders’ exit from the race, Killer Mike remained vocal in the presidential election but eventually revealed that he would not be voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

During an appearance on “The Real” Wednesday morning, the rapper reiterated his stance but said he thought Clinton would win the U.S. presidential election.

While Killer Mike thought Clinton would win, he believes “poor white people” elected Republican Donald Trump. “I think poor white people are mad because the system that promises you something based on that, isn’t ever gonna give you that,” he said. While acknowledging the country has many poor people from different backgrounds, he added, “There just happen to be, by this country, more poor angry white people.”

The Run The Jewels rapper also revealed that he was shocked to see black people voting for Trump. “I saw people who look like me and you say they were voting Trump and that’s scary. That scares me a lot.”

“People who look like all the people on this panel — black, brown, and all types of hues in between — I think that we have been used by a party to the liberal side that once enacted, and once in office, has not enacted policy that was reflective of stuff that would bring our communities up,” he added.

Days before the election, Killer Mike urged voters to “stay the f--- home” if the officials in the election race were not offering the policy changes they were looking for. The rapper eventually clarified his position and said he was going to vote locally.

“You should vote — locally. And what I mean is, when you go to that booth... Who are your judges? Who are your prosecutors? Who are the senators that you are voting for? Get out and vote, I'm just saying, when you vote, ask for something back. So, go vote.”