• Kanye West congratulates his wife, Kim Kardashian, on Twitter
  • West said Kardashian officially became a billionaire
  • West said God has blessed them after his wife went through the craziest storms
  • Netizens slammed West following the tweet
  • Kardashian has made a deal with Coty
  • She sold 20% of her stake from KKW Beauty

Netizens slammed Kanye West after congratulating his wife, Kim Kardashian, on social media for becoming a billionaire.

The celebrity couple’s, Kardashian and West, businesses have done pretty well amid the COVID-19 pandemic. West recently announced that he has sealed a partnership contract with GAP and now, he’s congratulating his wife for another milestone.

West lauded Kardashian for “officially becoming a billionaire” earlier today (June 30).  The “Every Hour” singer also said that Kardashian has weathered the craziest storms and God has shone on her and their family.

Although many shared West’s bliss over the blessings his family has received, some thought that his tweet was insensitive.

A netizen replied to West saying that his post angered her. She said that West did not need to brag about it amid the on-going chaos —with the increasing unemployment rate, racial injustice, police brutality and deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several netizens made a similar remark on the matter, pointing out the issues that the U.S. currently faces such as poverty, debt, unemployment, racial/political division, police brutality and the COVID-19.


Another netizen said that the biggest accomplishment was not wealth accumulation and she thought West and Kardashian were evolved enough to know it. Real rich people have enough tact not to brag or disclose the sum of their worth, she tweeted.

The picture that West shared depicted 3 vegetables and 3 flowers. Several interpretations surfaced and one of them explained what the snap was all about.

“In case anyone doesn’t get the photo, in painting and photography, you often work with a “still life” which is just a bunch of objects,” Watching the Thrones tweeted.

“The most common being food or flowers,” Watching the Thrones added.

West’s wife has sold a 20% stake in KKW Beauty to Coty for $200 million. The said deal valued Kardashian’s cosmetic company at $1 billion and has made the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star’s worth at an estimated $900 million, Forbes reported.

The said acquisition that will be closed —reportedly— on 2021 will leave Kardashian with a 72% stake in the company, making her the majority owner. As for West, he has already made it to the top spot and officially became a billionaire in early 2020.