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Kim Kardashian was confused and insulted when a man in blackface approached her and said he was her then-fiancé Kanye West at the Vienna Opera Ball. The reality star had attended the February 2013 gala as the guest of billionaire Richard Lunger, but it doesn’t seem the raven-haired beauty will return to the Austrian capital any time soon.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” camera crew were there when she and mother Kris Jenner were confronted by the racist prankster, and viewers will get to see the footage on Sunday night. For those who can’t wait until the end of the week, E! released two sneak peek clips, as provided by Too Fab.

Kardashian looked gorgeous for the soiree, and starts out by saying how glamorous everyone looks. She describes how there are 5,000 people there, there is a ballet going on and opera singers and dancers are in attendance.

But things go awry when the man in Kanye blackface addresses them. From the footage, it looks like the reality star promptly turns around and walks away from the offender.

“That's like, not cool," she later tells the camera. “I can’t believe there’s this guy in full blackface. I just am so confused, I don't get him or anyone else would find this funny."

Jenner suggests getting a drink.

“This is supposed to be some really nice upscale event,” Kardashian adds. “It’s like, how did this guy get in?”

But that wasn’t their only problem in Vienna. Jenner experiences her own nightmare when she realizes she’s been robbed. Some may find it hard to sympathize with the momager when she complains about all her designer items that have been stolen, including her favorite sunglasses, new bags and new shoes.

The man in blackface was later identified at Chris Stephan. TMZ reported he described himself as a standup comedian on his official Twitter account and has since released an apology on his official Facebook page. He said he was "incredibly sorry."

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