Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 13, 2011. REUTERS

Demi Lovato, who suffered from bulimia, anorexia, and self-mutilation, has said that her latest single Skyscraper was a 'cry for help.' The 18-year-old Lovato stated that the video was an emotional release for her.

The single will have its premiere Wednesday, July 13, at 7 p.m. ET/PT on E!News.

Kim Kardashian showed Demi some support and tweeted, So excited 2 download [Demi's] new song Skyscraper! It's out tonight! Everyone Must Download It! So proud of u Dem!

Lovato recently told Ryan Seacrest, When I first heard the song it was over a year ago, and it was before anything had happened. As the world knows I went through a bunch this last year. I heard the song before anything had happened and I just instantly gravitated towards it.

I went into the studio, and I just sat there . . . and literally cried my eyes out . . .. It was crazy.

That video was . . . like therapy. ... I kept crying, I was so emotionally invested. ... That's when I realized, that's what music videos are all about.

There were so many things that represented my addictions and eating disorders and self-harm, she said regarding the video.

When I'm unraveling this black fabric ... it was the toxicity that took over my mind for so long, that oozed out of every pore that I had because I was suffering inside. ... I'm taking it off and walking on broken glass and powering through it.

Earlier this year Lovato left treatment a new woman. And with a new woman comes a new singer. Lovato, who has made the switch to R&B from pop-rock, has stated that she'd like to work with Drake or Trey Songz in the future.

I'm now just taking that next step and learning how to make my music more radio-friendly but also stay very artistic, and for me that's R&B, the singer stated.

I can put my vocal stylings on songs that are R&B and it showcases my vocals more than just singing really loud on a rock song.

Lovato started her television career on the show Barney & Friends, but it wasn't until she starred as Sonny Munroe in Sonny with a Chance (2009 - 2011) that the actress began making a career for herself.

In 2008, the actress-turned singer's first album Don't Forget had its debut. The album did well immediately, hitting the #2 spot on the Billboard 200 list, selling nearly 90,000 million copies in its first week.

In 2009, Lovato released her sophomore album, Here We Go Again, which also did well, selling over 100,000 copies in its first week.

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