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Kim Kardashian was spotted amid reports claiming she tried to fire her sister Kourtney from their reality show.

On Saturday, Kim threw a lavish Jurassic Park-themed birthday bash for her son, Saint. The following day, the reality star stepped out without makeup in Los Angeles.

According to Daily Mail, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star was leaving a photoshoot. She looked exhausted and wore a hoodie and slouchy sweatpants with a cup of coffee in hand. Kim also wore a pair of gray socks and comfortable slides when she exited the venue.

The publication noted that Kim was wearing little to no makeup as slight blemishes were visible on her forehead. On Monday, Kim launched her latest Skims range, the Cozy Collection.

Kim’s sightings happened amid reports that she tried to fire her sister Kourtney from “KUWTK.” In a series of tweets, Kim’s other sister Khloe described one of “KUWTK” episode as something that will give her anxiety.

In the clip, Kourtney accused her sisters of being “nosy” about her dating life. Khloe said that Kourtney was pissed off and was livid. Although she kept it cool, Kourtney reportedly sent them angry text messages.

Kim and Khloe argued with Kourtney because they didn’t feel it was fair for them to “pick up the slack” when Kourtney refused to film. In one of her tweets, Khloe explained that they didn’t force Kourtney, but she reminded her of their contract. 

Their confrontation ended with Kim threatening Kourtney to fire her from their show due to her “too many [explicit] boundaries.” Khloe added that if they would conceal major areas of their lives, there would be nothing to film. Despite their confrontation, Khloe said that she loves all of her sisters.

According to People, Kim has no power to fire Kourtney or any of her sisters. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are executive producers of the popular E! reality show and they have equal contracts and responsibilities.

 “Kim is very influential when it comes to their whole business empire, but she still can’t fire Kourtney,” a source told the publication.