Kim and Kanye
According to a report, Kim Kardashian is "considering divorce" following Kanye West's feud with Amber Rose. Getty Images/Larry Busacca

Kim Kardashian may be planning to end her marriage with Kanye West after her husband’s feud with Amber Rose, Radar Online reported late Wednesday. The report came the same day Kardashian posted a joint selfie with Rose amid West and Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter war.

“She was so angry, she wouldn’t let Kanye into the house,” Radar Online, cited a source telling Life & Style magazine. “She changed all the codes and asked security not to let him through the gate.

“She was fuming with Kanye for antagonizing Amber. She said she’s had enough. She believes every word of what Amber wrote. All she wanted to do was crawl under the covers and never show her face again,” the source reportedly said.

Rose, who had been dating West from 2008 to 2010, has claimed that the latter had cheated on her with Kardashian, but the reality TV star thinks that her husband is still not his ex-girlfriend.

“Kim accused Kanye of reveling in the drama of feuding with his ex and of still being obsessed with her,” the source said. “Kim told Kanye he should be ashamed of himself for what he’s done to her and the family.”

“Kim is so enraged, she’s considering divorce,” the source said. “She said she can’t take much more. This latest saga has just proved to her how destructive Kanye is. She’s convinced that if she stays with him, he’ll take her down with him.”

Tensions between Rose and West erupted after the latter and Khalifa started a beef last week after the "See You Again" rapper ranted about West changing his album title from "Swish" to "Wavy." The feud heated up when the "Black Skinhead" rapper wrongly assumed Khalifa took a jab at Kardashian.

Later, West pulled Rose into the beef by slamming his ex-girlfriend and her son with Khalifa. West also called Rose “mad” in tweets early Friday after she posted messages suggestive of their sex life.

During an interview last week with the “Guys We F-----d” podcast, hosted by Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, Rose said she “didn’t love” West during their two-year relationship. The 32-year-old model also said that there was “no comparison at all” between West and her ex-husband Khalifa.

However, Rose and Kardashian's joint selfie posted Wednesday sent Twitter into a meltdown with “Kim and Amber” trending.