Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian West at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Aug. 28, 2016. Getty Images

Where is Kim Kardashian? Aside from her stint on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the reality star is best known for her obsession with social media. She’s all about sharing sexy pictures of herself and sometimes gets political on her blog and Twitter. But after the armed robbery at a Paris hotel Monday, the raven haired beauty has gone radio silent.

There hasn’t been on a post from the star on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat since the incident, where she was robbed of $11 million in jewelry, handcuffed with zip ties, gagged and locked in a bathroom. Hours before she was attacked, Kardashian posted a video of herself talking to future sister-in-law, Blac Chyna. In the clip, Kardashian flashed her $4 million engagement ring from husband Kanye West.

Chanel fashion director Karl Lagerfeld admonished Kardashian for showing off her wealth. “(She is) too public, too public - we have to see in what time we live. You cannot display your wealth then be surprised that some people want to share it,” Lagerfeld, 83, told the Associated Press Tuesday. “I don't understand why (Kardashian) was in a hotel with no security and things like this. If you are that famous and you put all your jewelry on the net you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room.”

Her former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, criticized the entrepreneur for have such a prominent presence on the internet. “Security was out with the [other] sisters and Kim had been showing all the jewelry on Snapchat. It's a perfect storm to get robbed,” he said on “Good Morning Britain” Tuesday. “Look, they had this coming to them. They do not respect the importance of security when you have a profile as strong as theirs.”

None of the Kardashian sisters, with the exception of Kylie Jenner, have posted on Instagram since the attack. Caitlyn Jenner received flak after she posted about having fun with daughter Kylie on the same day Kardashian was attacked. She later apologized.

Parisian police said Kardashian’s social media usage might have made her a target. “It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media, and it was these goods that the attackers targeted,” Johanna Primevert, chief spokeswoman for the Paris police department, told CNN Wednesday.

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