Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian will guest star in “The View” on June 20, and she will talk about her feelings towards Caitlyn Jenner and what the latter wrote in her memoir. Pictured: Kardashian at the DuJour magazine's Spring issue collaboration in Beverly Hills, California on March 2, 2013. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Kim Kardashian wants her entire family to have a better relationship with Caitlyn Jenner.

In the sneak peek released by ABC for Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Kardashian opened up about Jenner’s memoir and admitted that she got really upset over what she read. According to E! News, Jenner painted her estranged marriage to Kris Jenner in a negative light.

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“I definitely got upset about the memoir. In our family, we definitely are always so close and stick through everything. Everything is definitely going to be fine,” she said.

Kardashian also said that she was shocked over some stories in the memoir that she knows for sure weren’t true. “When I feel like at the end of the day, my mom and Caitlyn had a 25-year relationship and you have to have some respect for it,” she added.

However, Kardashian also clarified that it was never her intention to discredit her stepdad. The reality TV star also acknowledged the fact that her mom and Jenner may have two different sides to the same story. “I don’t want to discredit her feelings or her account, but when all of us were there witnessing some things and seeing things really differently, it was just a little bit surprising to me,” she explained.

In a recent episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the mom-of-two confronted Jenner about the memoir. In the installment, Jenner explained herself to her stepdaughter. “Everybody has stuff in life that they have to deal with and this was my stuff and this is how I dealt with it,” she said.

Meanwhile, despite their family’s ongoing feud against Jenner, Kardashian said that she hopes everything will be settled in due time. After all, Jenner will always be her stepdad. “She’ll always be my stepdad and always be a person that raised me and taught me so much about in life. She stepped up to the plate, took over for my dad when he passed away, and I’ll never forget what Caitlyn instilled in us as kids and was a part of who I am today. I’ll never forget that. She’ll always be a part of me,” she said.