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Kim Kardashian (with husband Kanye West) has started wearing flat shows halfway through her second pregnancy. Reuters

Kim Kardashian West and her mom Kris Jenner are denying claims that they snubbed the wives of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge founders in France. The reality stars came under fire after one of the women posted a rant on Facebook about an encounter that she and her friend had with the celebrities.

Showbiz website TMZ reports that the incident at a Celine clothing store in Cannes did not go down exactly the way Jenn Quinn wrote in her Facebook rant. Quinn is the wife of Pat Quinn, one of the founders of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He started the movement with his friend and fellow ALS victim Pete Frates. Jenn was with Frates’ wife Julie when the incident with the reality stars allegedly took place.

"Julie Frates & I were walking around shopping in Cannes -- only ones in the Celine store when Kim K and Kris walk in!! We introduce ourselves and talk about our inspiring husbands. Kris responded with 'oh fun' and DECLINED taking a picture with us! #‎boycotteverythingkardashian," said Quinn in a Facebook post quoted by Perez Hilton.

The TMZ report states that eyewitnesses have a different take on the story. Apparently, a group of women hounded Kim in the Celine store, contrary to Quinn’s claim that they were the only other people inside. The TMZ sources further claim that some women were so aggressive to the point that they were knocking on Kim’s dressing room. All this was happening while she was naked in the middle of trying on clothes.

Quinn also reportedly introduced herself to Jenner and told her about their husbands. She claimed to have the intention of thanking the two celebrities for taking part in the challenge. However, when she mentioned that their husbands have ALS, Jenner allegedly said, “Oh fun!”

While Jenner apparently said “Oh fun!,” sources say that the story was gravely inaccurate. Jenner said the phrase after the women told her about their trip to Cannes and how much they were enjoying the parties and shopping. It reportedly was not said in relation to ALS.

Julie Frates has also addressed the issue. She spoke to Us Weekly and stood by her friend. She said that Quinn’s account is true. “It didn’t go down how I thought it would go down! I didn’t want to just get my picture taken with them. The whole point of saying ‘Hi’ was to thank them. It’s unfortunate that it happened the way it did, but I don’t want to bash them at all."