The 24th season of Survivor' came to a close on Sunday night when Kimberly Spradlin won the final vote, broadcast live by CBS. Spraldin will go home with one million dollars for winning seven out of nine votes from a jury of fellow contestants, plus another $100,000 for winning the title of fan favorite from viewers at home.

Here are five important things to know about Kimberly Spradlin and Survivor: One World, which was set on a beach in Samoa:

1) Spradlin is a bridal shop owner San Antonio Texas, where she opened her own business at the age of 26. She is currently 29 years old and boasts that she can figure out what animal a person would be within five minutes of meeting them.

2) An experienced white water rafting guide who spent time living in an orphanage in Thailand, Kimberly Spradlin was well equipped to handle the physical challenges involved in Survivor. Spraldin kept her skills under wraps from her competitors, instead focusing on coming across as easygoing and friendly.

3) Her initial strategy almost backfired when Colton Crumble took power early on. The cruel and spoiled college student intimidated his perceived competition and ran the male tribe by creating an environment of fear. However, Crumble was evacuated from the show following a medical emergency, leaving a power vacuum that Kim was able to capitalize on.

4) When the two tribes merged on day 16, Spradlin rose to position of power after the two tribes merged into one by securing a powerful position as the unofficial leader of two separate alliances. At the same time she continued to play nice with the rest of the contestants.

I strategized until I was blue in the face, she told the Washington Post.

It payed off. When the show ended the last three people standing were Spradlin and the other two members of her original alliance, Chelsea Meissner and Sabrina Thompson.

Spradlin also stayed alive by winning several key immunity challenges near the end. She also found the hidden immunity idol, but never had to use it.

I gave it to Troy, she told Inside TV. I thought about bringing it out at the final Tribal Council and be like 'Hey I had this since day 12 and never even needed it to play it,' but I decided that sort of felt like pouring salt on the wound for people that felt betrayed. So as soon as I got back to Ponderosa that first night I gave it to Troy because I thought it might mean the most to him out of everyone there.

Survivor Host Jeff Porbst told Inside TV he was impressed by Kimberly, but didn't think the season one of the show's best.

I actually think Kim is in the top grouping of winners, he said. She was great at the social game. So many faces and great at reading a situation and equally good at stopping a disaster before it starts. The challenge with Kim is she is not as dynamic - ie, she's normal. She did it all without raising any fuss at all and so though one of the nicest and most well rounded players, she may be less remembered than others.

5) Next season will be Survivor's 25th and the show's producers are promising a return to great Survivor that will remind fans why they love the show. The season will be set in the Philippines, and will feature the return of three previous contestants who were all sent home following medical emergencies.