Amazon's Kindle Fire might end up being one of the most wanted items of the holiday season, and not just for tablets. It's $200 price tag has people's attention, but Kindle Fire is not like many of the tablets out there now. The Android tablet world has long suffered from comparisons to the iPad because iPad was the first tablet computer. But there is such a wide variety of Android tablets out there now, it's better to compare them among each other and leave the iPad comparisons separate. Obviously, Android tablet users don't have access to the Apple App Store, but many popular apps appear in both the App Store and Android Market.

Between Android tablets, there is a fair variety of sizes (thank you Samsung), but many do look quite alike, with little to distinguish them at first glance. On paper too, many of the 'me too' Android tablets have similar specifications, making their differences only minor or unimportant. Again, compared to iPad, it looks like consumers have spoken when it comes to the Android tablets. They've mostly avoided them. That is until one or another manufacturer drops the price substantially or comes out with something very unique like the Kindle Fire. Some of the tablets in this list are bigger than others, but that's pretty obvious, so if you like a larger or smaller screen, than like many things it is just your preference. Also, an honorable mention goes to the BlackBerry PlayBook because even though it doesn't run Android, it will be getting access to the Android Market with an early 2012 software update. Start the slideshow to see the top 10 Android tablets.

Tell us in the comments if you love one of these tablets or if you think there's one we left out.

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