Kingdom Hearts III announcements haven’t really happened since the Big Hero 6-inspired San Fransokyo world was revealed in the summer of 2015. A Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer promised announcements for the third installment this winter, and we didn’t get anything that would warrant the tease. Should fans be concerned?

It’s impossible to confirm anything without official word from Square Enix, but, truth be told, this missed deadline doesn’t bode well for the game’s progress. After all, we’re not talking about missing a Kingdom Hearts III release date. This is a promotional one that’s significantly less involved and therefore easier to accomplish. Yes we have seen a screenshot reveal and tiny lore tidbits but nothing worthy of an E3 tease.

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As is the case with most things related to game development, there are several reasons to explain a snafu like this. Creating any kind of polished announcement takes time away from a finished product, so maybe Square Enix decided to let Tetsuya Nomura and his team focus on the full game instead. It’s also possible the previous winter deadline no longer fits with how Square or Disney want Kingdom Hearts III to be marketed. Specifically, maybe showing a trailer in winter would have been too early based on how finished the product is.

No matter how you slice it, the missed winter target is yet another sign that Kingdom Hearts III isn’t coming out for a very long time. Despite being revealed in 2013, the press and public have seen almost nothing of the experience. If promotion scheduling can’t even be nailed down four years later, it’s plain to see from our angle that there are problems brewing over in Japan.

For those following Nomura’s projects closely, however, delays are par for the course. After a tortured, decade-long development, Final Fantasy XV released this past November to positive reviews. Nomura is also tied to Final Fantasy VII Remake as well, a project he didn’t even know he was directing until the creative process was well underway. With so many massive plates to juggle since 2013, it’s easy to see why Sora and pals have been put on hold.

In February, Nomura told Famitsu that Kingdom Hearts III still has “a way to go” before completion. He further added that many of the game’s worlds haven’t even been started, while others aren’t in a state to be revealed. That latter reason could especially explain the lack of news this winter. Just keep waiting, because a 2018 or 2019 release seems possible to us.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

Are you surprised we didn’t get any Kingdom Hearts III news this winter? Does this missed deadline worry you? Tell us in the comments section!