“Kingdom Hearts III” has been an Xbox One game since the title’s reveal, but it might be released as a PS4 exclusive in some territories if recent happenings on Japan’s Xbox storefront are any indication.

First spotted by the “Kingdom Hearts” aficionados at KH13, it appears that navigating to the former Japanese product page for the Square Enix RPG returns an error message. English translation is rough, but we can pick out the phrase “the page you are looking for cannot be found.” Ergo, the product has seemingly been deleted from Xbox’s regional game database. It’s been absent for more than a day.

It’s hard to make any sort of confirmation about what this development means, but one theory referenced by our above fan source is that it’s possible “Kingdom Hearts III’s” Xbox One version might be canceled within Japan. After all, Microsoft’s consoles have never had much resonance there, so it may not make sense to package, market and release a sku for Xbox within that territory. With just a few weeks before Tokyo Game Show begins, this might be an early sign of a future announcement.

More controversial, however, is the potential prospect for “Kingdom Hearts III” to be released as a PS4 exclusive on a global scale. This might mean a timed agreement similar to Microsoft’s ties to “Rise Of The Tomb Raider” or something a bit more permanent. There are so few details here that it’s hard to say for sure. The implications sure are interesting, though.

Before letting the hype train run wild, however, there are a few caveats that are worth pointing out. “Kingdom Hearts III” is still listed as an Xbox One game on the title’s official Japanese website, and the Xbox One page is still very active in other territories like North America. The deleted page might be the start of an exclusivity agreement, but it doesn’t seem to be taking any kind of firm shape yet. It’s just as possible that the change in status might be related to a glitch on the site itself.

“Kingdom Hearts III’s” next big official showcase has been teased for this winter. For now, “Kingdom Hearts III” remains in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you think this removed Xbox One page means? Will “Kingdom Hearts III” release as a PS4 exclusive in Japan? Tell us in the comments section!