William Hagen, the leader of the California Ku Klux Klan chapter, was arrested Saturday for stabbing another Klan member before a victory parade the white- supremacist group was holding in Roxboro, North Carolina, that day, to celebrate Donald Trump’s presidential election.

Hagen and another man who is allegedly a national Klan leader, Christ Barker, were charged with assaulting 47-year-old Richard Dillon after a drunken argument early Saturday in Barker’s Yanceyville, North Carolina, home escalated into the two men stabbing Dillon, according to Capt. Frank Rose, who heads criminal investigations for the Caswell Country Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

Dillon reported the stabbing to local police at about 3 a.m. Saturday and Barker was arrested at his home shortly after, the Los Angeles Times reportedTuesday. Hagen was arrested later that day when police pulled him over while driving. 

Dillon was tended to at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and discharged shortly after arriving. His two assailants were charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury and are being held at the Caswell County detention center, Rose said.

Both Hagen and Barker missed the Dec. 3 parade.

Fifty-year-old Hagen, was identified as the “Grand Dragon” or the state leader of the Loyal White Knights faction of the Klan in California by Carla Hill, who works with the Anti-Defamation League to track members of hate groups throughout the U.S. Hill said Barker was the “Imperial Wizard” or national leader, of the Loyal White Knight offshoot of the white supremacist group that had between 150 and 200 members across the country. And Dillon was a Klan member from Indiana.

Hill said the KKK victory parade consisted of about 20 or 30 vehicles driving around the streets of Roxboro, North Carolina, waiving flags and shouting praises about Trump’s election victory. She said Hagen had been seen at a white supremacist congregation in Georgia earlier this year and traveled to North Carolina to attend Loyal White Knights rallies frequently.

Hagen was the leader among four other Klan members of a “white lives matter” rally in Anaheim, California, in February, which resulted in violence and the Klan members stabbing 3 people, according to local reports on Feb. 27. Orange County, California prosecutors determined that the Klan members had acted in self defense from the 30 counter protesters who confronted them.

Trump received encouragements from members of the KKK throughout his presidential campaign but his camp denounced any members of white supremacist group supporting his candidacy. There had been 701 incidents involving apparent hate crimes in the U.S. since the presidential election, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported on Nov. 18. The latest instances occurred in New York City when a Metropolitan Transit Authority employee wearing a hijab was called a terrorist and pushed down a flight of stairs Monday, and an off duty police officer who was also wearing a hijab was threatened by a man who reportedly said he throat slit and called an “ISIS b***h” Saturday.  Both of the victims were Muslim.

The KKK has labeled itself as neither an evil nor a hateful group. But it can be seen on the Klan’s website that members wish to live apart from the “darker races” in America. “It is the duty of all white Christian men and women to fight against the Communists who have stolen our Nation,” the website reads in part.