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The aviation industry has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Flight delays were at record levels in the post-pandemic scenario, especially in the summer. In 2019, domestic flight delays led to losses amounting to USD 38.3 billion to the U.S. economy, and about half of this cost was borne by airline passengers, according to a study led by UC Berkeley researchers.

Kquika is a startup that has developed simple and cost-effective solutions to transform this scenario by leveraging machine learning and virtual AI to minimize delays, automatically rebook passengers, and make traveling a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

As a frequent flier, Victor Oribamise, the CEO, has personally experienced the pain points of being stranded at airports when flights are delayed and not having enough funds to cover expenses. He worked with his small team of five and used the skills he had gained as a tech student to design a simple API (application programming interface) that aviation companies could easily integrate into their existing systems in a 'plug and play' manner. Similar systems that are offered by competitors are highly expensive and require extensive training.

By using Kquika's disruption and recovery platform, airlines can recover from disruptions much faster and minimize cancellations. This leads to higher levels of customer service and satisfaction and can help airline companies salvage their reputation as they become more customer-centric. When there is a ground delay, the system automatically looks for alternative options and rebooks passengers on those flights, saving employees hours of manual work and passengers many hours of waiting.

Victor Oribamise

Kquika is also currently working on the development of a predictive maintenance system that detects mechanical failures in aircraft components and systems and thus reduces maintenance costs in the long run. Use of this system is bound to make air travel safer by reducing the risk of accidents and overstocking of inventory.

"Our system can be deployed by airlines to avoid cancellations and delays and improve customer service with minimal cost and training. Airline companies across the world can adopt our system and save a huge amount in the process. But what matters more to us is the impact that using our system can have on making air travel more profitable for the aviation industry. We are also hoping to adapt our predictive maintenance systems for use in other industries. We are inspired by the stories of startups like Meta, Tesla, and Amazon that started their lives with very limited funds in basements and garages. Our ambition is to become a technological giant of the future while also making our employees and the customers we serve happier in the process." says Victor Oribamise, the company's co-founder and CEO.

About Kquika

Kquika is a technology startup based in New York City that has developed machine learning and AI solutions to assist companies in efficiently and effectively solving problems for enterprises.

Kquika is a technology startup in New York, USA, that uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to help handle novel problems, as well as custom systems that take too long to deploy and require numerous services to maintain and improve, from the aerospace and aviation industry to healthcare, finance, agriculture, transportation, and more industries. Kquika bridges the gap that exists in industries between what is currently possible and what could be accomplished. This busy team is also working on valuable new innovations on their platforms, so keep an eye on Kquika via the Kquika website, LinkedIn and Twitter for updates!