Marina and Kevin Krim, the grieving parents of slain children who were stabbed to death in their Upper West Side Manhattan home in October, reportedly at the hands of their nanny, have begun taking to Facebook to share their grief and how they take strength from their surviving daughter, Nessie.

In a series of posts on the social networking site, the Krims talked about celebrating their daughter Nessie’s fourth birthday and the Lulu & Leo Fund they set up in their slain children’s names.

“I want to wish our daughter Nessie a huge happy birthday. She turns four today,” Kevin Krim wrote in a Facebook post on Dec. 28. “Marina and I couldn't be more proud of her -- she is very smart, beautiful and tough. And she's grown so much over the past two months. She saves us every day.”

Krim shared a video from his children’s memorial service, featuring their music teacher Dan Bogart performing the Loudon Wainwright III song “Daughter.”

“I first heard the song, ‘Daughter,’ performed by Loudon Wainwright III, in 2007 around Lulu's first birthday,” Krim wrote. “It grabbed me right away. I dreamed, sentimentally, it'd be the song Lulu and I danced to at her wedding. It only became more important to me when we had our second daughter, Nessie.”

Kevin’s parents, Bill and Karen, responded to the post, writing “So beautifully written, she was lucky to have you and Marina for parents. The song is wonderful and certainly expresses your love for your daughters.”

Speaking of Lulu, Krim continued, “I believe the Lulu & Leo Fund is something she wants. I believe Lulu and Leo are very happy to be inspiring and teaching people.” The couple set up the fund to raise money for children’s enrichment programs in the arts and sciences after announcing that they would be returning to New York.

Their personal messages have elicited an outpouring of support from friends and family, but most have come from strangers familiar with the Krims' heartbreaking story. The Krim’s 6-year-old daughter Lucia (Lulu) and 2-year-old son Leo were found dead in the family’s bathtub three months ago, after their longtime nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, reportedly went on a stabbing rampage.

Police say that Ortega stabbed the two children with a kitchen knife, before turning it on herself. The two young children were rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital, but were pronounced dead upon arrival. Ortega is being held in a prison hospital, reported the Examiner.

“Absolutely the most beautiful tribute to a parents love for their children,” wrote Renee Vaughn Randol.

“There are no words. I hope it helps in some small way to know that others care and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers," wrote Kathy Gerhard.

On Dec. 16, the two parents also shared a post in response to the Newtown shootings that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults.

“We are hurting so much as we think about the violent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Our hearts especially go out to all the families who have lost their children in an act of unspeakable violence,” wrote Marina and Kevin Krim. “As parents who are dealing with loss and grief, we understand how much these children will be missed every minute of every day.”

Bill and Karen Krim, the grandparents, wrote after Nessie’s birthday posting, “I am so proud of our son and daughter-in-law. They have been so strong and amazing. Love to Nessie forever and always.”