The whole Kardashian family has made their fortune by revealing every aspect of their personal lives to the world with the reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” And now, Caitlyn Jenner is going in the same direction by becoming part of a British reality TV show, “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”

But it seems Kris Jenner is not happy with Caitlyn’s participation in the show.

According to The Sun, the 63-year-old momager has been watching the show quite closely and plans to see every episode to make sure that Caitlyn doesn’t say anything ridiculous that could ruin her daughter’s careers.  

A source told the publication that ever since Kris has gotten to know about the massive fee Caitlyn’s been getting paid for the show, she has been really concerned about her daughter’s professional lives. Kris is reportedly horrified that even one statement from her about their personal lives could ruin Kim Kardashian’s and Kylie Jenner’s brands.

“Kris doesn’t care what Caitlyn says about her or their marriage – after all, she had her book and her TV show – but she’s scared and horrified about Caitlyn damaging Kim or Kylie’s brands,” the source said. 

As per the report, the mother of five is worried that someday Caitlyn is going to have an argument with one of the contestants and then speak about how awful her married life was just for sympathy.

Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, was married to Kris from 1991 to 2005. They have two daughters – Kendall and Kylie. Caitlyn was also a step-parent to Kris’s children from her previous marriage – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.

Last month, Kendall celebrated her dad’s birthday with Kylie, Kourtney and Kim and a few friends of the family.

Caitlyn celebrated her birthday on Oct. 28 with a big cake and surrounded by her friends and family. The party itself was a simple affair, and the celebrations took place in her house with only a few people invited to make it a cozy evening.

Kendall shared a picture of her with her dad and sister Kylie in her Instagram Stories. The trio can be seen wearing black outfits, which appears to be the theme of the party since even Kourtney was wearing a black t-shirt and a matching jacket. The model also wore a birthday party hat with her family members.