Kristen Stewart has emerged as one of Hollywood's most unique fashionistas. Her understated looks have garnered her both criticism and praise but her fresh approach to red carpet looks cannot be denied. Whether she's wearing sneakers with a designer dress or a full length gown, few have been able to ignore the Twilight stars flare for the unpredictable. Since 2008, her every move has been documented by the paparazzi and each item she wears is analyzed. Since taking on the role of Joan Jett for the 2010 film The Runaways, Stewart has seemingly been inspired by the rocker-chick look.

Though she has been able to wear an Oscar gown with as much conviction as the rest of Tinseltown, her casual looks are often to most talked about. Her habit of wearing boyfriend Robert Pattinson's clothing typically has fans buzzing as well as her knack for pairing jeans with a super trendy leather jacket. Here are the stars five best laid-back outfits.