Kristen Stewart might be media-shy and introverted in real life, but when she is in front of the camera, we see a very different aspect of her personality. The new trailer of her coming movie “American Ultra” proves as much.

Stewart not only shows off her orange-colored hair in the trailer but also does pulls off some really dangerous stunts. The actress is seen shooting off at the bad men along with her on-screen partner Jesse Eisenberg. This is the second trailer released of the movie and reveals much more information. If the first trailer focused on the character's love for cocaine and drugs, the second one focuses on how Eisenberg gets all the superpowers to fight.

Don't expect Eisenberg (who plays Mike) to be a superhero from some Marvel Comics flick because the actor will surprise you with his fighting skills using just some Top Ramen and a harmless spoon! Stewart, who plays Mike's girlfriend Phoebe, supports him throughout his journey to fend himself off CIA, who keep a track of his moves.

“American Ultra” tells the story of an underweight, stoner man, Mike, who leads a peaceful, small-town life with his girlfriend Phoebe. Mike is not aware that he is actually a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent with special unused powers. His powers get activated only when someone tries to harm him.

Mike is then forced into a lethal government operation and is forced to use his hidden ninja powers to save his girlfriend and to survive himself. This will be the second time that Stewart and Eisenberg will work together in a movie. They last starred in Greg Mottola’s “Adventureland” in 2009. “American Ultra” also stars Connie Britton and Topher Grace, and is scheduled to hit theaters on Aug. 21. Watch the trailer below: 


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