Kyle Rittenhouse said he is destroying the AR-15-style weapon that he used during the Kenosha riots.

During an interview on Tuesday with the "The Charlie Kirk Show," he admitted he wanted to destroy the rifle after a discussion arose about how Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger pointed an AR-15 at the jury during the trial. 

Jack Posobiec, an alt-right activist who had been covering details of the case asked Rittenhouse, “This is your gun right?”

“That is my rifle, that we're having destroyed right now, we don’t want anything to do with that,” Rittenhouse responded.

Binger had held his finger on the trigger while pointing it directly at the jury as if he was going to shoot it and asked if “this was scary,” during the Rittenhouse's trial. It was then joked about during the show, with the men stating that Binger was basically “threatening the jury.” Rittenhouse responded, “pretty much,” and “that’s gun Safety 101.”

Kirk described the interview as “the longest conversation to be out with Rittenhouse currently.” He went on to ask Rittenhouse some more personal questions.

“You always just wanted to try and help people,” Kirk asked Rittenhouse.

“That is correct, while growing up my mom was a CNA at a nursing home helping old people, and it inspired me to start helping people. Wanting to go into nursing school, becoming a lifeguard, becoming a firefighter EMT cadet, and a police explorer,” Rittenhouse said.

Rittenhouse also explained what Kenosha meant to him, which led to his going there during the riots.

“My best friend Dominic lives there, my dad lives there, my entire family lives there, I go grocery shopping there,” Rittenhouse said.

“It’s down to earth people,” he added.