People were unhappy that “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner went to Coachella with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott, since that meant she left her daughter Stormi Webster at home.

Kylie posted several photos on Instagram which showed off her Coachella outfits. In one, she had on a bright pink wig. “I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom,” she captioned one of the photos.

But netizens begged to differ: “A cool mom does not leave her 2 month old baby to party at Coachella; it’s pretty sad!!”

“‘Mom’??? You don’t even know the real meaning of it!! You don’t deserve to be called ‘mom’.... Drinking and dancing at 2 week[s] postpartum????!!??!!?! What kind of person are you!!!!!” an angry Instagram user fired at Kylie.

“I don’t see a cool mom. I see an attention seeking young woman with a two month old infant,” another wrote.

The attacks even continued on Twitter.

However, not everybody is hating on Kylie for enjoying herself at Coachella. “You can't be a cool mom if you don't take time out for yourself,” a fan defended Kylie.

“Being a mother does not mean you stop having a life or give up your identity. Do you judgmental people honestly believe her child is being neglected because she is enjoying herself for a few days?” another questioned.

Kylie initially wanted to take on motherhood herself, but she changed her mind weeks after giving birth and hired some help. A source told People that the extra set of hands has actually made her an even better mom. “With the support and abilities she has to hire nannies and assistants, she’s been a really, really great mom,” the source shared. “She’s incredibly doting and hands-on as a mom. She’s always been very maternal.”

Since hiring more help, Kylie has been given the chance to enjoy date nights with Scott and even concentrate on her cosmetics company. At times, her mom Kris Jenner and sisters also help by babysitting for her daughter. But that does not mean Kylie is solely leaving Stormi under the care of nannies.

“She absolutely gets her hands dirty changing diapers on the regular and is really attentive and makes sure Stormi is eating and sleeping enough,” an insider dished, adding that “Kylie is super hands-on and actively involved, but of course she has help.”

Kylie Jenner
People were not happy that Kylie Jenner left her daughter Stormi behind to enjoy partying at Coachella. In this photo, the new mom poses inside Sugar Factory American Brasserie at the Fashion Show mall on April 22, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Ethan Miller