tyga kylie
Tyga is now being questioned over the lavish gifts he's given his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Pictured: Tyga and Jenner at the Alexander Wang Fall 2016 NYFW show on Feb. 13 in New York. Getty Images

What do you do when your friends bail on you on a Saturday night? Well, if you’re reality star Kylie Jenner, then you ask your fans to keep you company and ask you some questions through Twitter.

Jenner, 19, kept herself well entertained by answering questions regarding a variety of topics including her high school nickname (Candy) and how she picked her dogs' “nerdy” names.

But two things that fans are incredibly curious about are when Jenner plans on settling down and how many kids she and her boyfriend Tyga are planning on having. “I'm getting a lot of questions about kids—how many kids do I want, do I want kids?” she said, according to E! News. “I do want kids, but not now.”

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Tyga wasn't too far away. The "Rack City" rapper texted Jenner in the middle of her Q&A session to cheer her up. “That's why I love Tyga. He always make me feel better. He just sent me the funniest meme because my friends canceled on me,” she said. “He is so funny!”

And before ending her conversation with fans, Jenner took a minute to pick up one of her dog's poo.

“If you ever want to know if I pick up dog sh-t, I do - all the time,” she revealed. Jenner then shared a great piece of advice to her fans about self-acceptance: “You will kill yourself trying to please everybody. It will never happen and once you accept that, you're chilling.”

Earlier, the lip kit mogul shared on her blog that she’s extremely terrified of losing the people - and pets! - she loves dearly.

“I'm so lucky to have the best friends and family ever! Seriously, my greatest fear is losing a loved one or something bad happening to any of my dogs. I don't know what I would do. That's why it's so important to say ‘I love you’ every day!” she wrote.