kylie brushes
Kylie Jenner's makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics will release a makeup brush set for $360 on Dec. 13. Kylie Cosmetics

In a reveal of “holiday surprises,” Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup brand created by reality television star Kylie Jenner, announced a set of 16 makeup brushes that would be available for a limited time for $360.

Fans of the star, who is worth $41 million, and her brand, balked at the staggering price. The silver “luxury” brush set was announced on social media Thursday, the brushes can be purchased individually or in a set starting Dec. 13.

Jenner’s makeup line that started with her signature “lip kits” routinely sold out when it was first released and has since expanded to a full makeup line of products including her lip stains, lip liners, eye shadows, blushes and soon concealers and brushes. The products cost more than your average drug-store brand, and frequently more than what you’d find in Sephora, but the inflated cost of the brushes was enough to prompt jokes online.

Popular makeup artist and YouTuber, James Charles, retweeted a promotional tweet from Kylie Cosmetics, saying that for the price of $360 “those brushes better do my makeup FOR me and facetune my photos after too.”

Other people on Twitter had similar reactions, that the price simply for brushes was steep.

People had some ideas for where the brushes must have been sourced from to cost so much.

People also couldn’t help but point out that brush sets are available elsewhere for an actual fraction of the price of those Kylie was offering.

Others called the quality of the brushes into question as well.

In addition to the jokes online, Twitter users suggested brush sets that cost far less than the one Jenner was offering. The brand elf Cosmetics was a popular suggestion for an inexpensive alternative brand.

Another popular brand Twitter users offered up was Morphe.

Real Techniques was another popular recommendation from Twitter users.

The brand BH Cosmetics even joined the conversation. The company tweeted, “Just leaving this here in case anyone wants a silver metalized brush set, but also wants to pay a few bills this month... it’s $16.99 and the reviews are lit! In fact, have a peek at ALL our brush sets here:,” with a link to the company’s site.

The Kylie brush set doesn't drop until Dec. 13, so whether fans of Kylie Cosmetics will spring for the $360 set is unclear as of now. There are no reviews of the set or the brushes online yet, so only time will tell whether anyone who has a spare couple of hundred dollars thinks they're worth the price.