Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner, photographed during her 18th birthday party at Beachclub in Montreal, Canada, on Aug. 16, 2015, was reportedly paid a six-figure salary just for showing up at the celebration. Getty Images

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday blow out in Montreal, Canada, made her and the club’s owners and promoters major money. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reality star headed to the Great White North for the bash, which was held at Beachclub on Aug. 16, six days after her initial weekend-long celebration in Hollywood, California. Now, one report has revealed just how much Jenner and the club made that night, and be prepared, because the numbers might blow you away.

According to TMZ, both Jenner and Beachclub’s owners and promoters received six figure payouts from the party. Sources say the venue collected $300,000 at the door, but paid the “KUWTK” star a whopping $200,000 just for showing up. The other $100,000 went to promoters. Beachclub’s owner Olivier Primeau wouldn’t reveal to the publication exactly how much was made during the over-the-top event, but he did say he spared no expense to ensure the day party went perfectly. TMZ reports Primeau spent $1,500 to build a new deck for Jenner to stand on in her heels, $4,000 for two custom-built bathrooms close to the stage, and a whopping $10,000 for a top-notch security team.

The massive numbers should come as no surprise when you consider how much Beachclub was charging at the door. Complex magazine sent reporters to the club, which is marketed as the “biggest outdoor club in North America,” to get an insiders perspective on the party. Their reporters claim Beachclub was charging patrons $150 Canadian for the opportunity to party in VIP where they may -- or may not -- catch a glimpse of Jenner during the event. The site stated that local media were told Jenner would be arriving at the party via helicopter between 2:30 p.m. EDT and 3:30 p.m. EDT. In true celebrity fashion, she kept them waiting for a bit longer than initially expected. Several hours and an outfit change later she is said to have arrived at the venue where she sat in her own private section and had security block any and all attempts at snagging a photo of her.

The Beachclub bash was just one of many birthday celebrations Jenner had this month. The first of which took place at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California, on Aug. 9. She kicked off the weekend-long celebration with a dinner at the celebrity hotspot with her entire family -- sans Rob Kardashian. Later that night she held a party at Bootsy Bellows where she and all her close friends and family partied the night away. During that celebration she was gifted a brand new white Ferrari by rumored-boyfriend Tyga. The youngest of the Jenner siblings then jetted off to Punta Mita, Mexico, with her man for some fun in the sun. They were later joined by her sister, Kendall Jenner, and several friends.