Kim Matula as Ronnie, Dylan McDermott as Captain Dave
Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) invites Ronnie (Kim Matula) to stay with him in a community of airline workers after she is evicted from her apartment in Season 1, episode 8 of Fox’s “LA to Vegas.” Fox/Patrick McElhenney

Ronnie is looking for a place to stay in this week’s episode of “LA to Vegas.”

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 8 of the Fox comedy, Ronnie (Kim Matula) is evicted from her apartment.

In a sneak peek from the episode, Ronnie moves in to Bernard’s (Nathan Lee Graham) place and is surprised by the long list of house rules her fellow flight attendant has set for her.

“No shoes on the Bowron Sheepskins. Pillows are decorative unless otherwise noted. And your bathroom is the Bristol Farms down the street,” Bernard tells Ronnie before handing her the complete list of house rules he created.

“Six o’clock is kimono hour,” Bernard adds. “If you don’t have a kimono, you’ll be rented one at a competitive rate.”

“OK. Lots of rules. But it’s OK. I can handle this,” Ronnie says before asking if there’s anything else she should know.

“Yes,” Bernard quickly replies. “No matter what you see, what you hear, never ever open that red door.”

The synopsis for the episode reveals that Bernard eventually kicks Ronnie out of his place, suggesting that she might have broken at least one of his house rules.

But in a recent interview with NewNowNext, Graham revealed that viewers are going to see Bernard’s apartment more than once this season. “There’s a huge birthday party coming up for Bernard and we may get some letters for that episode — it’s called ‘Fashion of the Christ,’” the actor said. “You’ll see my apartment again and again because Ronnie has some problems with her apartment and moves in.”

After Ronnie is kicked out of Bernard’s, Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) invites her to stay with him in a community of airline workers. Meanwhile, Artem (Peter Stomare) tracks down Dave to collect a debt. Meanwhile, Bernard and Nicole (Olivia Macklin) sit in on Colin’s (Ed Weeks) class to give him pointers after he is flustered by his bad student reviews.

“I’m sorry, Bernard,” Colin says in another sneak peek from the episode after the flight attendant confronts the teacher for not closing his laptop when the plane was landing. “But my professor evaluation just came true, and I only got one apple out of five. I once got a staph infection in an Airbnb, but I still gave it two stars.”

“Well, you can think of it as a challenge,” stripper Nicole advises Colin. “You have no idea how boring it gets getting only good reviews all the time especially when those good reviews are covered by nothing but a thin-layered sweat pants.”

“LA to Vegas” Season 1, episode 8, titled “Parking Lot B,” airs on Tuesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.