Lady Gaga fans are used to the ways of Born This Way star. Gaga's quirky attitude, bizarre dressing sense, and even her attempts to look androgynous aren't really bewildering anymore. But when Gaga made an appearance as her own boyfriend Joe Calderone, a chain-smoking, curse-spewing greaser, at the MTV Video Music Awards, not just the fans, even her contemporary, Britney Spears was at a loss of words.

Gaga opened her show as her alter-ego and boyfriend Joe with a five-minute rant about his absent girlfriend. She left me! he screamed. She's crazy! She gets out of bed, puts on the heels, she goes into the bathroom, I hear the water go on, she comes out dripping wet and she's still got the heels on. And what's with the hair? At first it was sexy but now I'm confused.

Visibly bewildered Britney could only say I've already done that responding to Gaga's attempt to plant a kiss on her contemporary in front of a star-studded audience.

Britney has indeed done that before, with Madonna in 2003, but this time however she was simply bewildered, when Gaga, as Joe announced: I used to have photos of Britney on my walls and would touch myself when I was laying in bed.

Britney couldn't do much to hide her absolutely mortified look on stage on Sunday night.

Madonna Kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, at MTV VMA 2003

Gaga was in full character! We just got onstage and felt it out. she said afterwards. We didn't know what was happening, so it was interesting!

But Joe wouldn't let it go of the golden moment to express heart-felt feelings for his yesteryear's calendar girl: Gaga's my girl but Britney Spears... she's hot, man.