• Lana Rhoades reportedly flew to Miami aboard Tyga's private jet after her split from Mike Majlak
  • Rhoades shared videos of herself and pal Alexa Adams inside a lavish jet
  • Adams posted an Instagram photo of her and Rhoades with Miami Beach, Florida, as the location

Lana Rhoades was reportedly flying to Miami for Tyga's Halloween party when her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak broke the news of their split, according to a YouTuber.

On Friday, Majlak confirmed in a video on his YouTube channel that he and the former porn star had called it quits after 10 months of dating. On the same day, Rhoades was spotted aboard a private jet, which YouTuber Def Noodles said is owned by Tyga, and added the rapper as a friend on Instagram.

"Lana takes Tyga’s private jet to Miami to go to Tyga’s Halloween party. Notably, Lana added Tyga as friend on Instagram after announcement," Def Noodles, who regularly reports on "internet news," tweeted over the weekend, along with a screenshot of an Instagram Story post showing Rhoades and her pal Alexa Adams posing inside a lavish jet.

The 24-year-old retired adult film star also shared on her own Instagram Story a clip of her and Adams eating grapes together inside the jet. International Business Times could not confirm the authenticity of the claims.

Adams appeared to confirm that they flew to Miami over the weekend after posting a new photo of herself, Rhoades and another friend on Instagram and setting Miami Beach, Florida, as the location.

Meanwhile, some fans claimed that Rhoades and Tyga have been friends on Instagram long before her split from Majlak.

Rhoades has remained silent about her split from Majlak but did post a meme on her Instagram Stories over the weekend that some fans believe may be related to her ex. "When you tell your man all the tea cause he's ur best friend," the caption read.

The post seemed to allude to the close relationship Rhoades and Majlak share, with the YouTube star even calling the former adult performer his "best friend" in the breakup video he shared last week.

In the video, Majlak made it clear that there were no third parties involved in his and Rhoades' split, emphasizing that they simply wanted different things in a relationship at the moment. He explained that Rhoades was eager to move in together and settle down, but he felt he was not yet ready for that level of commitment.

Prior to their split, rumors had surfaced that they broke up in September after Rhoades was spotted with TikTok star Bryce Hall. But Rhoades and Majlak denied the speculation last month.

Lana Rhoades
Actress Lana Rhoades arrives for the 33rd Annual XRCO Awards Show held at OHM Nightclub on April 27, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images